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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day #8: BalletMet


  1. These drawings definitely portray lots of movement and kinetic energy. Your line looks a lot looser and more confident. I think the best example of this is the leg of the standing figure at the bottom of the page just to the right of being in the middle. The way the line darkens and lightens from the hip to ankle gives a good sense of volume, and I would like to see you include more of this kind of line work. But that's just my opinion. Good work.

  2. Pretty much following Jake's comment, I really love how you have used line to suggest figure in movement. There is a nice use of line weight also. I think now you can take it farther. Start building clothes over the figures, giving each drawing some individuality.

  3. Its weird to see you draw so sketchy. Its a nice change of pace though, you're getting great lines of action in the dancers.

  4. I agree with Joe, it's cool to see some really gestural sketches. That being said, I think you did a great job with getting the motion down with your drawings. I can really feel them turning.

  5. Sarah,
    As per my comments in class (you were sick, I think),I love all of these drawings, with the exception of them lacking hands and feet. Remember my comments to you in the hallway some time ago - consider the ENTIRE arm or leg when plotting out a gesture - make an indication of the hand or foot right off the bat - it will finish the statement that is the arm or leg gesture. It will also ground your subjects.
    The lines of rhythm here are great - please keep it up, as well as the choice of more dynamic poses.